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The $20 Buys a Set of School Books Campaign!

$20 Buys a set of schoolbooksFor just as little as $20 (£13.00) you can buy a full set of textbooks for a child for one year. We would like to use “The $20 buys a textbook set campaign” to enable us to eliminate the cost of textbooks for all 220+ of our children and their parents.
We do our best to recycle books. Children who have taken very good care of their books, can trade up for a set which has also been well cared for, or get 50% off a new set. Or families can take a used set, which may have some writing in it, for free. Everyone benefits. So if you can buy one set of textbooks, great! Or if you have some spare funds, you can buy 10 sets! Just know that whatever you contibute will put a smile on a child’s face and lighten the finacial burden for their parents, allowing the school to invest more in other educational resources.

Your $20 will be used to purchase a quality set of textbooks for a student, covering every subject which they will be studying in the next year (our new school year begins on April 8th).

The Garhwal English Medium School is a not for profit charitable school. We opened our school in response to the poor quality of education in our area. Children were passing out of high school with a 33% average. They were ill equipped to compete with their better educated city counterparts for higher education and jobs. Boys are only able to secure low paying labour jobs, and girls can only hope for a good marriage. We aim to change all of this by providing quality education to our children so they will have more skills and more choices when they graduate. We began in 2009 with just 14 children and have grown to include more than 220. All of our children are poor and require financial assistance.

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