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The Garhwal English Medium School is a not-for-profit, school for children living in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, India. Most children from this area come from varying degrees of poverty. All donations you send to us will help them achieve their dreams. We are transparent about where your funding goes. We will send you regular updates on our projects and progress, and you are welcome to contact us or visit the school anytime.

Sponsor a Student
The general sentiment among poor families in India is that one should not invest too heavily in a daughter because she will only get married and go to live with her husband’s family. This perception is noted at Garhwal English Medium School. While we have 162 children enrolled in our school, only 51 are girls. We hope to increase this number to 100 girls over the next year. Help us make their dreams a reality by sponsoring a the Garhwal English Medium School girl who dreams of something more. Find out more about the Garhwal English Medium School Sponsorship Programme.

Support a Classroom

IMG_20220815_103922At the Garhwal English Medium School, we offer classes from Nursery to Class Eight, eleven classes in total. Each class consists of roughly 12 to 15 students. Our teachers are nothing short of wonderful and work very hard to impart their knowledge in a dynamic and interesting fashion. Unfortunately, we are not able to pay them what they are truly worth. At the same time, we require proper storage cupboards, learning resources, and stationary to support the learning environment. To meet this objective, we require twenty-five thousand Rupees ($300.00 US) per month. We are looking for twenty-five sponsors per classroom, who would contribute one thousand Rs ($12.00 US) per month. In exchange, you will be added to a classroom group, and receive a class photo, and regular updates from the class teacher regarding events, extra-curricular activities, progress of the class and individual students, including test scores, report cards, etc. In addition, you may share ideas, comments, and suggestions with the teachers and students. You can even join in-class projects (online or in person) should you desire.

How to Donate

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