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the Garhwal English Medium School Christmas Cards

Merry Christmas everyone. Our the Garhwal English Medium School children have been very busy creating Christmas Cards once again. This year we hope that you will want to select one and send it to some of your family or close friends and make a donation to our school so that we can continue providing them the education they so deserve.

You can do this right now, heres how:

1) Have a look at the Christmas cards below, each one has a number
2) Take a note of the number of the card you would like sent
3) Click the “Donate” button on this page.
4) Enter any donation amount you feel is appropriate.
5) In the “Add special instructions” box enter your giftee’s email address and the number of the card you would like 5o wend.
6) Within 5 days we will deliver your Christmas card (by email) and let you know once that has happened. All cards will be delivered by the 25th of December.

Christmas Cards 2016



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